Guitarists of the World
Learn more about your favorite guitarists who have inspired you and made you play the guitar. There are more than 2000 top guitarists listed here. They are from various countries, genres, or religions. Each of these guitarist has a unique style of playing which has helped them become famous.

There is a mix of classical, metal, rock, jazz, swing and blues guitarists. Click on the respective first letter of their name to get a list of top guitarists with that starting letter in their name.

This site also contains their biography, inspirations, albums, their best songs and lyrics that they composed. You would definitely meet some interesting guitarists, strange guitarists, dare devil guitarists who have lived a life just to inspire and keep the music going.

I really couldn't write all the Bio's myself ( unless I'm Connor McLeod ) so I will link to the phenomenal site of Wikipedia where countless people already did a fantastic job writing all about our beloved Guitarists. I hope you will enjoy this little project of mine and please feel free to send me comments about any of my site's stuff.

Some (or most) of the Guitarists have my personel rating next to them, here is the info on how to read this:

Is one of the Top 100 Guitarists as voted by the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2003 (whether we like it or not)
Is one of the Top Rock, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, Acoustic or Classical Guitarists, voted by several Magazines or Websites.
Is a Top Guitar player (regardless if ever voted for or not)
Is a very good Guitar Player (well know in his genre)
Is a good Guitar Player (just not lucky enough to ever have made it)
Every one else is just lucky to be mentioned .......

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